It’s the thought that counts.

Today I’ve decided to watch my diet of thoughts more than my diet of food.

While vacationing in Curacao this past May, I noticed something: my recent chronic physical symptoms of seeming ph imbalance, i.e. sores in my mouth from an excess of sugar or salt, candida build up at the edges of my lips, and a looming threat of yeast infection. (I know…TMI! Wait, what?…no, that’s not a disease, that’s Too Much Information! Ok, then look away, go check out Facebook and stop reading! I’m trying to work something out here! šŸ˜›

So, at this all-inclusive resort, I was drinking alcohol (sugar) every day, inviting carbs (sugar) back into my diet, and practicing leniency when asked, “Would you like to see the dessert menu?” (more sugar)

My ph should have gone further out of whack, but it didn’t. I had a higher tolerance for “bad” foods.

What was different? My thoughts. I was in my tropical, seaside, pina-colada-induced, feet up, no obligations element of bliss and joy.

The build-up of stress from the past six months had taken its toll: full-time job, enrolled in two classes for credit towards a degree, daughter going through the rigors of breast cancer treatments, car breaking down and draining my bank account, my cat being diagnosed with diabetes and needing shots twice a day, not to mention vet bills every other week. My life as a sad country song had become a broken record! Something had to give!

Ok, back to the scene of a tropical vacation paradise. Ahhhh… So, yeah. Being in joy for a week cleared up all the physical symptoms that stress compounded.

Moral of the story, if there is one: Be very strict about eating healthy food when stressed out to maintain ph balance in your body (even though we are biologically driven to reach for comfort food). And, if possible, take more vacations to joyful places! (If only!)