Welcome to my blog site! Your home for getting back to Joy!

In this age of information and distractions that take our attention away from our inner voice and drown out that subtle whisper, I hope this blog will serve as a reminder to us (me included!) to pause, listen within, and ask our Higher selves: What am I doing? Where am I in relation to where I want to be? How do I get closer? How do I find joy in my life? Why does everything seem so hard?

Let’s explore what it means to be an emotional, thinking, playing, working, sometimes suffering, sometimes happy, sometimes tearing up in moments of Joy, temporarily here to learn, human! Let’s find ways to connect daily and more deeply to our Guidance. They are waiting to help if we only ask.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey! Feel free to leave comments we all can benefit from. It takes a village.