To Giraffe or not to Giraffe

Is this pandemic causing each of us to go deeply inward to the place we truly are? Are we realizing how delicate life is? How temporary? I know many people who have come out of hiding, including me.

It took me years, well into adulthood to express publicly my psychic and channeling abilities. My fears included thoughts like, “But…what about those people who don’t approve? The skeptics? They’ll think I’m a fake. They’ll look at me weird.

“What about them? They seem to have no problem expressing who they are, whether or not you agree with them. They haven’t withered away into oblivion just because you don’t share their beliefs. And neither will you,” my Higher Self reminds me.

“You have this ability in order to help others. Those who do believe and those who are in need will find you. If you shut down this essential part of yourself and keep it hidden, whom are you helping?”

Everyone is on their own path, their own level of spiritual evolution, of believing in what they believe. And that is ok. If you base your actions on what you think others believe, you are short-changing not only yourself, but those who need your help.

That’s like a giraffe lowering its head to conform to other animals, but then not being able to reach the leaves high above to feed others or their young.

But how do I distinguish my outer-world personality from my inner-world Knowing Self? How do I reach higher?

That’s easy…and hard. It involves stopping all action, sitting still, and being–experiencing–this tiny, singular moment, where breathing happens, where sound happens, where sensing happens.

Thoughts happen, too, but they need to be tamed–not eliminated–just tamed. They need to know that you’re the one in control. Thoughts are like children. They pull you this way and that toward what they want to focus on. Thoughts pull you out of the present and into the past.

Thoughts pull you into the future where attachment happens, where hopes, dreams, and desperation, fear, and worry happen.

But, the present is just the present where You, your Higher Self, your every breath, exist now, in this tiny moment.

Ask yourself: Am I OK in this moment? The answer is almost always, Yes.

But I can’t figure out ____________.
That’s OK. Let go. The answer will come. It happens in the future.

But I feel regret about ____________.
That’s OK. That was then, unchangeable. It happened in the past.

What is the value of this moment?

This moment is where your power lies. The power to make decisions. To intuit answers. To listen to your Higher Self. To feel your next impulse of inspiration toward your goal. To expand in abundance and success. To choose to feel gratitude. To choose to feel Love.

Use this moment to stop all action, sit still, close your eyes, and sense your Higher Self or your Spirit Guides. Ask them how they would handle a certain situation. Ask your questions in this moment of stillness.

Now that they have your attention, and because you asked, they will answer. Maybe not immediately. Sometimes answers arrive within hours, sometimes days. Be open.

In this moment of stillness, you can discover your deepest self wanting to rise and be seen, so that you can share it with the world.

Click here for my guided meditation on “risking your significance.” ❤


“We find comfort among those who agree with us–growth among those who don’t.” ~Frank A. Clark

Thank goodness for the differences in the world! Without them we would sit fat and happy in the mud, never leaving our comfort zone, never yearning for more, never seeking betterment of ourselves and the world, blissfully squishing the clay between our toes.

Hmmm…let me sit for a moment with that image. There is definitely something to be said for squishing mud between one’s toes.

But, after a while, even that would become boring. We need the stimulation of adversity: hot sun and cooling rain from which springs forth new ideas and impetus. The dirt around us thickens and hardens, then softens again with a shower inspiring change and growth. 

It is not easy to shed the shell we grow around us, to break through tough layers and bare our souls to ourselves and the world. Growing pains abound and we feel tempted again to shrink back into the safety we know too well.

“Agree with me so I don’t have to grow. Be like me so I don’t have to open my mind. Go my way so I can easily understand you and the world. Look like me so I don’t have to trust and open my heart.”

And yet, with all the deflecting of darts and daggers, compressing of compassion, sorting out of broken-heart shrapnel, building of defenses, weeping over losses never again found, mending of mistakes, I would not trade it all for a puddle of mud.

I am stronger because of it. I love more deeply because of it. I blossom brightly in spite of it. I continue to grow through what I go through.